Robert Daniel

*Education choice
*responsible budgets
*caring for the less Fortunate
*Freedom of choice

My Vision...

Personal Choice in everything


Voluntary, Cooperative solutions to problems are the best solutions.  I will work to downsize the government of New Hampshire and replace taxation and state interference in our lives with freedom and innovation.


Education Choice

We need a robust private sector in education.  For that, we need to remove the systemic barriers to private sector choices.  Doing so will also liberate millions of dollars of taxpayer money as voluntary funding takes the place of public spending.

 I support education savings accounts, tax incentives for home schooling and alternative education environments and complete freedom of educational pathways.


Responsible state spending

I oppose a state income tax.  Recently, Democrats attempted to introduce a state income tax by stealth.  Thankfully, it was defeated.  If they try again, I will oppose it.  As your representative, I will vote AGAINST any tax INCREASE and IN FAVOR OF any tax REDUCTION.  I am responsible though: I will not do so without thinking about the other side of the equation.  Our government’s spending must not exceed it’s revenue because that creates a debt which our children will have to finance. Spending and taxation must both be lowered.  There are private solutions to those things which we feel the need to spend money on.  America was founded on the principle of free enterprise and a repudiation of government central control.  I will work to make voluntary solutions replace the interference and squandering of your money by the state.

victimless crimes and drug policy

Many things are a bad idea, yet harm nobody but the person doing them. Such things should never be illegal.  The only role government has to play in these areas, in my opinion, is education.  It is perfectly alright for a governing body to publish information about the harmful effects of drugs or anything else.  It is another thing to use force – which is violence, plain and simple – to disrupt (and perhaps even ruin) the lives of people doing non-violent and victimless things. I suppport decriminalization of victimless personal choices broadly.

A side note about illegal drugs and addiction: The war on drugs has destroyed millions of lives over the past fifty years.  Prohibition has never worked – not for drugs today, not for anything else.  What prohibition has done, is to put the production and distribution of drugs into the hands of the most violent and unscrupulous people.  It has lead to violent turf wars, as well as products being more dangerous and the prices of them more crushing.  Meanwhile, people who have addictions are incarcerated and develop criminal records because of prohibition, which prevent them from the very opportunity to work which they need in order to straighten out their lives.  New Hampshire can have the pride of being the first U.S. state to recognize people who have addictions as people who need help instead of continuing to treat them like criminals.

As a legislator, I will support legislation to completely decriminalize the consumption, purchase, production and sale of ALL drugs which are currently illegal.  This is NOT because I think drugs are a good thing.  I don’t.  It is because prohibition has done far more harm than the drugs have and it has been a demonstrable failure.


Just as we delegate our other needs to specialists such as doctors or farmers or construction workers, we have specialists to protect our rights, property and our very lives when we are unable to do so by ourselves.  These are police officers.  They are not like any other specialist however; they hold a unique kind of power in a society which is supposed to be free.  I support having a police force.  But we have a right to expect a high level of responsibility and public oversight of our police.  When there is the current level of systemic racism, lack of accountability when the police take lives illegally, and when the police are increasingly being turned into a paramilitary force we have a very serious problem.  It is not a problem for some people, it is OUR problem.

I will support making the Laurie’s list public and bills which demand higher standards of hiring and accountability of our officers.  I will also support legislation to make no-knock raids, the purchasing of military grade equipment, and violations of personal privacy by the police, illegal.  I fully endorse Black Lives Matter and others who peacefully protest.

Robert Daniel for State Representative:

8 foxwood Circle, Manchester, nH 03104

(818) 599-7564


 We do not have a fair and egalitarian electoral system. We have what amounts to Jim Crow laws which discriminate against people based on their political choices.  This began decades ago when the two mainstream parties created a federal law which discriminates against all other parties in America’s multi-party system.  Today, any candidates other than Republicans and Democrats must spend huge amounts of time and money gathering nominations from the general public.  The onerous burden became quite clear this year, with the pandemic making it dangerous to try to gather nomination petitions.  The establishment politicians demanded that alternative candidates do so anyway.  This was blatant disregard for the human rights of all voters and the safety of the entire public.


 The injustice of voter and candidate suppression must be eliminated by each state.  New Hampshire can have the pride of being the first U.S. state to join the rest of the democratic world in having a system in which all citizens participate by the same rules, without regard to political affiliation. 


As a legislator, In the spirit of the civil rights movement and the American Declaration of Independence, I will support equal ballot access for any citizen who wishes to run for any elected office.